Udimi Pricing – How Much Do Solo Ads Cost on Udimi?

Udimi is one of the most trusted and well established solo ad marketplaces online. It serves as a neutral 3rd party between traffic sellers and traffic buyers. Solo ad sellers that have clicks solo for sale can create a profile to advertise their traffic on the platform. Solo ad buyers can readily check browse the profiles, customer reviews and pricing of all the traffic sellers on the Udimi platform. But how much do solo ads cost on Udimi? Read on to get up to date information about Udimi pricing.


What is The Typical Cost Per Click on Udimi?


Solo ad sellers on Udimi have the freedom to choose their own pricing, so it can vary greatly from vendor to vendor. The typical price range solo ad buyers can expect to pay per click on Udimi is between $0.35 – $0.85 (USD Per Click).


What is The Minimum and Maximum Number of Clicks That Can be Ordered on Udimi?


Udimi vendors can set their own click order minimums and maximums. Typically, 50 clicks is the smallest package of clicks that can be ordered from most vendors. Established vendors that have large email lists often offer solo ad buyers the option to buy packages of 1,000 clicks or more per order.


Does Udimi Charge Any Other Fees?


When buying clicks on Udimi, the buyer has to pay a $3.00 fee to Udimi for each click order placed. This fee doesn’t change regardless of the number of clicks purchased. Therefore, it is slightly more economical on larger orders.


Are There Any Other Factors That Affect Udimi Pricing?


There are a number of premium upgrades that buyers can choose to add on to their click order. The price of these upgrades depends on the vendor and number of clicks being purchased. Available Udimi order upgrades include:


Prime Filter: Each click will go through another round of advanced clearance with the filter that is normally reserved for Udimi Prime members only. This increases the quality of the clicks received by as much as 34%, by filtering out more lower quality clicks than the base filter does


Only Top Tier: The seller will only charge the buyer for clicks from Tier 1 Countries (Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand). Clicks coming from these five countries tend on average to result in more leads and sales.


Only Mobile: The seller will only the buyer for clicks from a mobile device. Some offers are better suited for mobile traffic, and this advanced filter ensures that all clicks billed come from smartphones and tablets only.


Only Desktop: The reverse of the upgrade option described above, this advanced filter ensures that all clicks solo delivered come only from desktop devices. Many marketers have observed that desktop traffic tends to convert slightly more landing page/website visitors into leads (email subscribers) and sales (paying customers).


Now that you have all of the facts about Udimi pricing, you’re probably ready to purchase your first solo ad.. Click here to create your free Udimi account. As a bonus for signing up through my link, you’ll receive a $5.00 credit towards your first Udimi solo ad purchase. You’ll also receive an email from me with my best solo ad buyer tips and tricks, and an up to date list of the best Udimi vendors.

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