Follow this simple 5 step affiliate marketing success game plan that I’ve created for you, and you’ll be well on your way to getting awesome results like mine in no time at all.

*Important: for best results, make sure to complete ALL 5 Steps in order, and don’t skip over any of them*

STEP 1 – Download the Affiliate Side Hustle Viral Share Funnel:

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(This is exact funnel I’m using to build a massive email list for free while earning tons of affiliate commissions while I sleep. I give you the offers, funnel, ad copy, email sequence, traffic source and video training series all for FREE)

STEP 2 – Claim Your 14 Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels:

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(ClickFunnels is the all-in-one marketing software solution that powers my entire affiliate marketing business.. *this software is a requirement for Affiliate Side Hustle students*

STEP 3 – Get a Free Udimi Account

==> <==

(Almost all traffic I send to my affiliate offers comes from solo ads. Udimi is one of the largest solo ad marketplaces. Get a $5 credit and a welcome email from me with solo ad tips and my recommended sellers when you complete this step and create your free account.)

STEP 4 – Claim Your 14 Day Free Trial of ClickMagick

=>> <==

ClickMagick is the tool we’ll be using to track everything to make sure we’re making money. This tool is often the only difference between success and failure when running solo ad traffic to affiliate offers. Send me a message with your ClickMagick username, and I’ll give you free access to my ClickMagick affiliate tracking course when you complete this step

STEP 5 – Join The Affiliate Advantage Mastermind

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Ready to join an exclusive mastermind for aspiring super affiliates that want to take their affiliate marketing business to the next level? This mastermind will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with me for an entire year.. 

*Bonus Motivational Resources*

Need some extra motivation during or after you complete the 5 steps? Here are some amazing free resources that will get you even more excited about earning passive income online through affiliate marketing:

RESOURCE 1 – $10,000 in 60 Days Case Study

==> <==

My friend and mentor Spencer earned $10,000 in affiliate commissions in his first 60 days as a ClickFunnels affiliate. In this free tell-all case study he reveals exactly how he did it.

RESOURCE 2 – Expert Secrets Free Book

=>> <<=

*This book is required reading for Affiliate Side Hustle students*

Russell Brunson’s latest best selling book Expert Secrets will teach you how to position yourself as an expert in the marketplace (even if you don’t feel like an expert right now). The book is free with the link above (just pay for the stamps to get it to you.)

RESOURCE 3 – Affiliate Side Hustle Live Training

->> <<-

This is a 1 hour long Facebook Live deep-dive free training I did on how to make money with the Affiliate Side Hustle Funnel. I took questions from folks Live and the training has been watched well over 2,000 times now.

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