Group Funnels Review – Best Lead Generation Software For Facebook Group Owners In 2018


What is Group Funnels?


Group Funnels is a new lead generation software for Facebook Group owners that’s rapidly rising in popularity.

Launched in late 2017 by Matt Staton and Arne Giske as a beta release to early adopters, it has recently gone through a number of updates and performance enhancements, and is now available to all Facebook Group owners that want to use one of the Facebook Group new member entry questions to offer a lead magnet in exchange for an email optin from new group members when they request to join the group.

What Platform Does Group Funnels Run On?


Group Funnels is a Google Chrome Extension. This means that is a lightweight program that runs inside the Google Chrome Web Browser. Because it runs in the web browser it works on PCs, Macs and Chromebooks. In order to use Group Funnels, you must have Google Chrome installed on your computer, and you need to use it when reviewing and approving new member requests to your Facebook Group.

Are There Any Devices Group Funnels Does Not Work On?


Group Funnels does not work on smartphones or tablets such as iPhones and Android devices. This is because Google Chrome Extensions only work on desktop computers. You can still use your smartphone to manage and engage with your Facebook Group, but you’ll need to use a desktop computer when approving group member requests.

What Does Group Funnels Do?


Facebook allows group owners to ask new members up to 3 custom questions when requesting to join their group. Many savvy group owners are deciding to use one of those entry questions to allow prospective group members to provide their email address in exchange for a lead magnet (a valuable freebie) closely related to the topic or theme of the group.

Group Funnels fully automates this process by storing the name of new members and their answers to the entry questions within the Chrome Extension whenever an admin approves an individual request or bulk-approves new requests with the ‘approve all’ option.

The group admin can then send all of of this data (including the answers to the entry questions and publicly available profile information to the Google Sheet (similar features to Microsoft Excel) of their choice.

What Problem Does Group Funnels Solve?


Without Group Funnels, using the Facebook Group entry questions to collect email optins is a manual and time consuming process involving copying and pasting the email addresses into a spreadsheet, or screenshotting each of the email addresses and typing them into a spreadsheet later.

This results in wasted time and causes admins to have to spend too much time on the administration of the group (especially in rapidly growing and large Facebook groups).

Group Funnels solves this problem with automation allowing admins to push the collected email addresses to a Google Sheet with a single click.

Do I Need To Use Zapier With Group Funnels?


Zapier is optional but highly recommended for use with Group Funnels. Zapier takes all of the data that Group Funnels pushed to the Google Sheet, and automatically sends it to your email marketing software. This effectively allows admins to deliver the lead magnet to the new group member(s) by simply clicking the ‘approve’ or ‘approve all’ option within their Facebook Group. It allows for full and true hands-off automation of the full process.

Is Group Funnels Easy To Install, Setup And Use?


Group Funnels is very easy to install, setup and use. No advanced technical expertise is required to be able to fully use its features to automatically grow your email list.

Group Funnels has a very minimalist and easy to understand and use interface with a straightforward feature set. It only does one thing and it does it very efficiently: Automate the process of using Facebook Group new member entry questions to offer a lead magnet in exchange for an email optin. It was designed and built for simplicity, ease of use, efficiency and to relieve a specific pain point common to Facebook Group owners.

Setting up Group Funnels can be done in just a few clicks. Simply download and install the Chrome Extension, create a Google Sheet with the required column names, enter your email address and the URL of your Google Sheet in the Group Funnels settings, and you’re ready to start automating the process of using Facebook Groups to grow your email list.

Setting up Zapier to work with Group Funnels is a fairly complex process, especially for Group owners who are not very familiar with Zapier and haven’t used it to automate other aspects of their business. In cases where the group admin’s email marketing software does not have a native integration with Zapier, and a webhook is needed, it is an even more complex process.

The good news is that the Group Funnels Zapier integration setup only has to be done once. There is no ongoing maintenance required once it is up and running.

How Much Does Group Funnels Cost?


There are both basic and pro plans of Group Funnels to choose from depending on your needs:

Basic Group Funnels Plan (Monthly)
Use with 1 Facebook Group
Access to all features
Cancel anytime
Access to private Facebook Group

Basic Group Funnels Plan (Yearly)
Use With 1 Facebook Group
Access to all features
Annual savings equivalent of 2 free months
Access to private Facebook Group
3 exclusive bonus trainings
Pro Group Funnels Plan (Monthly)
Use with up to 5 Facebook Groups
Access to all features
Cancel anytime
Access to private Facebook Group

Pro Group Funnels Plan (Yearly)
Use with up to 5 Facebook Groups
Access to all features
Annual savings equivalent of 2 free months
Access to private Facebook Group
3 exclusive bonus trainings

My Personal Experience Using Group Funnels


Luckily, I invested in a lifetime license when Matt and Arne first released Group Funnels during the beta launch..

At the time of writing this article I’ve been using it for a couple of months..

I have a new and rapidly growing Facebook Group that has grown to over 4,500 members in just under 90 days..

Group Funnels has allowed me to automatically add over 2,000 of my group members to my email list in the past 2 months that I’ve been a customer.


What I Did Before Group Funnels:


During the first month after launching my group, Group Funnels wasn’t released yet, so I would screenshot every email address on my iPhone, manually type them into a Google Sheet, turn it into a CSV file, and upload it to Actionetics (email marketing software I use)..

(an extremely inefficient and frustrating process)


What I Did After Group Funnels:


In months 2 and 3 after launching my group, I’ve been using Group Funnels. Now, whenever I approve a new member request, they get added to my email list automatically and the free cheat sheet they requested is delivered to them in real time..
I truly can’t imagine life without Group Funnels at this point..

What’s Next For Group Funnels?


Group Funnels is still a relatively new product, and the very reasonable current pricing plans reflect this. New features and updates are frequently being rolled out. So it stands to reason that as it gains in popularity and features, the price of both the basic and free plans will likely increase substantially..

Sign up for Group Funnels here..

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