Dreamhost Review – Best Shared Hosting in 2018

Are you searching for the hosting company with the best shared hosting in 2018? In this DreamHost Review, I’ve exposed all you need to know about the dinosaurs of web hosting – and why Dreamhost should be considered the web host with the best shared hosting in 2018.


About DreamHost – DreamHost Review


DreamHost is one of the oldest companies in the shared web hosting industry.

The company was started off by four undergraduate students (Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones and Michael Rodriguez) of Harvey Mudd College of Claremont, California in 1996. They later registered the hosting company officially in 1997.

They have been around ever since then and have been kicking strongly in the game. Over time, they’ve grown to be one of the largest, most respected and renowned web hosting companies in the world.

They currently boast of more than 400 thousand happy customers and 1.5 million websites currently hosted on their servers. With these impressive numbers, one naturally wonders if they are the web hosting company with the best shared hosting in 2018.

Dreamhost Features – DreamHost Review

DreamHost provides a wide range of web hosting services.

Some of their services include Domain Names Registration, Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage.

Their Shared Hosting package is one of their best and most popular services.

They don’t restrict access to any features on any of plans (even the basic ones). They offer unlimited storage, unlimited domains, unlimited email and unlimited monthly data transfers on every plan.

There are two major shared hosting plans to choose from:

Shared Starter: This plan is great for beginners. It provides one website, one .com domain name, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited traffic and a free SSL certificate. Starts at $2.95 month.

Shared Unlimited: This plan is great if you want multiple websites. It provides unlimited websites, one free .com domain name, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited traffic, multiple SSL certificates and email hosting. Starts at $7.95/month

All shared hosting plans include access to their Dreamhost Custom cPanel, 100% Uptime Guarantee, 97-day money-back Guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Dreamhost Pros – DreamHost Review


As mentioned earlier, DreamHost is a great and dependable hosting and one of the web hosting platforms with the best shared hosting in 2018.

Let’s look at the positives!

#1: DreamHost Guarantees 100% Uptime

When searching for a web host online, one important factor you should always take into consideration is the uptime guarantee of the web host.

When a web host experience downtime, your site would be unavailable, and guess what? You would lose customers and then eventually lose money!

DreamHost offers a 100% uptime guarantee – not many web hosts would do this.

They use multiple data centre locations to counter any downtime risk and to keep your website running as expected 24/7.


#2: DreamHost is Extremely Fast!

Another core factor that can make or break the performance of a website is the server speed of the hosting platform.

The faster your website loads, the better it is for you SEO.

To ensure your website loads extremely fast, DreamHost utilizes some modern website speed technology like Solid State Drives (SSD), Gzip Compression, OPcache Caching, PHP7 and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance server performance.

#3: Dreamhost is Security Conscious.

Their shared hosting platform doesn’t just provide you with server space to host your website. They are constantly committed to securing your website and keeping your data safe from hackers.

They have a lot of security features including encryption, malware removal and firewalls. They also allow you to add a free SSL certificate to each of your domains.

#4: DreamHost has an Excellent Customer Support

At times, you might experience some temporary glitches with your website and you’ll need the assistance of an expert to resolve them.

DreamHost contains a Knowledge Base which is a database of general support topics. Easily, you can search for answers to your query from the knowledge base.

They also have a Forum where you can ask specific questions and get answers from various experts in the entire community.

If you’re not satisfied with the answers from the aforementioned sources, then you can contact the Customer Support Team.

The team is always available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries.

The average response time of their Customer Support Team ranges from a few minutes to about 1.3 hours, which contributes to making them one of the web hosting platform with the best shared hosting in 2018.

#5: DreamHost Offers 100% Platform Accessibility & Customizability

If you need a website hosting platform that would give you 100% accessibility, then DreamHost is the perfect choice for you.

They offer one-click installs for a bunch of software.

You can easily install WordPress with one-click on the control panel and can also upload your website via FTP.

They offer you ample storage, bandwidth and extensive tools to ensure your website works to satisfaction.

#6: DreamHost Offers a 97-day Money-back Guarantee

Unlike other web hosting services usually offering 15-30 days, DreamHost offers you a whooping 97-day money back guarantee.

Impressive right?

This means you can try out their services for 97 days and see if they are great to stick with. If you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can request a full refund from Dreamhost support.

#7: DreamHost is Carbon Neutral (AKA Green)

DreamHost is dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of carbon emissions while generating electrical power.

Since 2007, They have neutralized over 29,298.1 tons of greenhouse gases in over 10 years.

That’s impressive!

They also make use of green and renewable energy facilities in their offices and data centers to improve energy efficiency.

In their offices, recycle bins are provided and they also give employees the freedom to work from home to reduce emissions.

Fantastic Company!

They’re passionate about the environment and to prove this, they’ve published their Certificate of Carbon Neutralization from The Green Office online for everyone to see.


Dreamhost Cons – DreamHost Review

Let’s look at the downsides of this well established and industry leading shared hosting company.

#1: DreamHost Custom cPanel isn’t For Everyone

They use a custom cPanel as their dashboard which is uncommon among other hosting platforms.

Although the custom cPanel allows access to many services and functionalities like the WordPress one-click installs, some users still see it as not user-friendly and experience difficulty during navigation. However, most users get the hang of the Dreamhost user interface pretty quickly.

#2: DreamHost isn’t Newbie-Friendly

It is a great hosting platform for advanced users but could be intimidating for beginners especially those who aren’t too tech-savvy.

It would take a great deal of time to really learn use the platform to its maximum potential.

The host doesn’t have a site builder or mobile app so it can only be used practically speaking from a desktop computer.

Dreamhost Pricing – DreamHost Review


Unlike other web hosting companies, DreamHost offers only two shared hosting plan. The shared hosting starts at $2.95/month while shared unlimited hosting starts at $7.95/month. Their shared hosting plan is powered by SSDs.

They also have Managed WordPress Hosting which costs $19.95/month (charged annually). This plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, 30GB SSD storage, unlimited email accounts and 1 free dedicated IP address.

Conclusion: Is DreamHost The Best Shared Hosting in 2018?

From this DreamHost review, we can clearly see that the hosting platform is fast and reliable with incredible support in the case you experience any issue or challenges with using their services.

if you’re searching for reliability, speed, customer satisfaction guarantee and second-to-none customer support, DreamHost is definitely your ultimate choice for shared hosting.

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