Actionetics ClickFunnels – What is Actionetics? An In-Depth Review

Actionetics is an email marketing and marketing automation software built into ClickFunnels.

Actionetics is only included in the top-tier ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan which is $297/month after the 14-day free trial.

Using Actionetics allows business owners to use ClickFunnels as a true all-in-one solution to power their digital marketing, rather than having to connect and pay for a third party email marketing software like Aweber or ConvertKit.

So while Actionetics replaces the need for using a third party email software with ClickFunnels, it has a few key differences from (and advantages over) the various solutions it replaces.

Actionetics requires the use of a 3rd party SMTP service (such as SendGrid). This is because Actionetics doesn’t actually send email, it only manages your contacts, lists, automations etc. The SMTP service that you plug into Actionetics is what sends the email. This has advantages and disadvantages.

On the upside, if you’re doing email marketing in a higher-risk niche (such as affiliate marketing or make money online) you don’t have to worry about your email account being shut down. If it ever does get shut down, you simply integrate a new SMTP account with Actionetics, remove the old one, and continue right where you left off.

The downside is that most SMTP services have a monthly cost (I pay around $20/month for SendGrid).

Actionetics is list-centric rather than subscriber centric. This means that you’ll primarily segment your contacts using multiple email lists and by moving your contacts around the different lists. Some contacts may appear on multiple lists.

ConvertKit on the other hand is subscriber-centric, which means that all your contacts are on one email list, and you segment them through the use of tagging.

The fact that Actionetics is part of ClickFunnels has the added advantage of being able to trigger emails based on any action a lead or customer takes. For example, you could send one email if they registered for a webinar but didn’t attend, another if they attended but didn’t stay to the end etc. Having everything under one roof is convenient and powerful, but also has the practical drawback of having all your eggs in one basket (so to speak).

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Actionetics and how they work:

Contacts (subscribers): Clicking on the contacts tab will bring up a list of all of your subscribers that are stored in ClickFunnels Actionetics. These subscribers can be on multipe email lists (or none at all). Clicking on the name of any subscriber will show expanded details about the subscriber, which emals they’ve received, which list(s) they are subscribed to, whether they are opening and clicking emails etc.
Email Lists: Clicking on email lists will show all the different email lists you have in your actionetics account. Clicking on one of the lists shows more details including who is currently subscribed to the list. Since lists are essentially the entry point for all contacts, creating a list is often the first thing new Actionetics users will do after unlocking Actionetics in their account. It’s important to create as many lists as you think you will need, since lists are the primary method of segmenting your contacts into different buckets based on how they got on your list, and the type of content and offers you plan to send them.

Action Funnels: Clicking on the action funnels tab will show you all of the action funnels you have and will also let you easily create new ones. An Action Funnel can be thought of as an email sequence with additional abilities. You can write emails ahead of time within an action funnel, and choose the number of days sending delay. This is the number of days after the contact was subscribed to the action funnel that the email will automatically send after. In addition to emails, action funnels can also send out SMS text messages (integration with Twillio required), as well as add/remove subscribers from email list(s) automatically.

Each action funnel must be associated with an email list. After selecting the email list to associate with the action funnel, when subscribers are added to your email list, they will automatically be added to the action funnel also.

Email Broadcasts: Clicking on email broadcasts lets you send a one time email to any list(s) you want at any time. After drafting your email message in the drag and drop email builder, you can select which lists to send it to, and send a test message to yourself before sending it out to your subscribers.

Smart Lists: This is a special kind of dynamic email list unique to Actionetics. No one subscribes to a smart list. Instead, when you create the smart list, you choose one or more conditions, when the conditions are met, Actionetics will dynamically add the subscriber to your smart list. If at any time the conditions are no longer met, Actionetics will dynamically remove the subscriber from the smart list.

For example, you could set a condition that they have to be on a certain emal list, or they have to have purchased a certain product etc. the possibilities are endless. The way I’ve used smart lists in my business is to segment subscribers into buyer lists and leads only lists based on whether or not they’ve purchased a particular product. This way, I don’t email subscribers about my coaching program if they’ve already purchased it.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. Make sure to choose the Etison Suite plan when starting your free trial, and you’ll be able to unlock all of the features of Actionetics for a full 14 days. This way you can play around with it and decide whether it’s the best fit for your email marketing needs. You won’t be billed anything until after your trial, you can upgrade or downgrade plans at anytime, and won’t ever be charged if you decide to cancel your ClickFunnels account during the free trial.

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